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The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito

Life-transforming healing holidays

The Farm at San Benito

Location:  Set amid 51 hectares of a lush green jungle in Lipa, The Farm at San Benito is a safe haven and healing sanctuary.

Access: Located a 90-minute drive south of Manila.

Hotel Features

Butler Service

3 Swimming pools

Free Wi-fi

Room Service

Spa & Wellness

Culinary & Gastronomy

Family rooms


Dental Clinic

Fitness Centre

Concierge Service

Sulu Terraces:

Total 5

Size: 33 sqm


Palmera Suites:

Total 4

Size: 39 sqm

Palmera Glass Villas:

Total 4

Size: 50 sqm

Anahaw Family Villas:

Total 3

Size: 50 sqm

Banaba Deluxe Rooms:

Total 10

Size: 50 sqm

Garden Villas:

Total 6

Size: 80 sqm – 90 sqm

Banaba Executive Suites: Total 2

Size: 119 sqm


Bamboo Villas:

Total 2

Size 200 sqm

Narra Pool Villas:

Total 10

Size: 200 sqm

Mahogany Pool Villas:

Total 4

Size: 300 sqm

Mahogany Luxury Residences: Total 6

Size: 281 sqm

Mahogany Luxury Residence – ELITE:

Total 1

Size: 80 sqm – 90 sqm

Master Villa:

Total 1

Size: 341 sqm


Lakan Villa: Total 1

Size: 511 sqm

Mahogany Luxury Villa:

Total 1

Size: 600 sqm

Acacia Wellness Residences: Total 1

Size: 420 sqm

Restaurants & Bars: 3 


ALIVE! Vegan Restaurant: Farm-to-table gourmet dining


PRANA Vegetarian Restaurant: Indian vegetarian dishes inspired by Ayurveda


PESCE Pescetarian Restaurant:  Organic living fare inspired by the

Mediterranean Blue Zone® diet.

The Farm at San Benito


Vegetarian fare available 



The Farm at San Benito

Special Features

The Farm at San Benito

Medical Wellness Retreat Destination

Features comprehensive personalized health optimization programs and the first-ever Menopause program. Offers a wide array of medically-supervised programs centred around health promotion, disease prevention and immune support.  

Healthcare Insurance 


The Farm offers CIGNA Healthcare Insurance accredited medical services and offers exceptional value for money with tailored wellness treatments at an affordable price point.

The Farm at San Benito

Rejuvenation in a tropical oasis of serenity

The tropical paradise offers an array of vegetarian dishes influenced by the Ayurveda concept and vegan dining options along with an array of wellness activities, perfect for families, couples and groups. Mindful movement activities include Yoga, Mandala Flower Meditation and Sound Healing. Living Food Prep classes can be arranged privately upon request. 

One Rep Global Insight:

With holistic integrative medical services, plant-based wellness cuisine, healing environment and Philippines’ renowned heartfelt hospitality, the retreat has something for everyone's interpretation of wellness. There are options for those seeking a complete lifestyle overhaul and those who want a simple holiday retreat with healthy food, relaxation, mindfulness and fitness. There are plentiful options that can be curated, but at the heart of each package is a personalised, medically supervised treatment plan. The helpful team will guide you through the options and help craft your perfect retreat.

The Farm at San Benito
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