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United by passion. Connected by core values. Committed to excellence. Collectively serve your brand.


Experts in their respective fields and driven by a passion for travel, our experienced global team is well-connected within the luxury hospitality and travel industry. With a wealth of luxury hospitality experience and comprehensive industry insights, the team navigates the intricacies of the Indian and Middle Eastern markets to effectively build and grow your brand's presence.

At the heart of our team's approach is transparency and authenticity, ensuring every client interaction is fruitful and every brand story is articulately re-told.

With their distinct styles and strengths, all complementary to one another, they come together to narrate your unique brand story. Together, they craft compelling narratives and retell brand stories with the art of their unique storytelling, each expressed distinctly in their own voice.

With offices in Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata in India and an office in Dubai covering the Middle East, our team brings together their diverse experiences and distinct regional styles to disseminate your brand narrative across India and GCC’s vast tapestry of geographies and cultures.

Whether you're looking to enter a new market, increase sales, or build your brand, collectively we strive to create meaningful connections, deliver results, and the best possible outcomes for your brand.

As your extended Sales, Marketing, and PR arm, our ace team works tirelessly to drive the success of your brand in the Indian and Middle Eastern markets. 

The Commander-in-Chief

Hemant Mediratta

Mr Hemant Mediratta
A purveyor of luxe hospitality


A consummate luxury hotelier with over 25 years of experience, who thrived on managing large teams across multiple regions in the hospitality business with luxury international hotel brands. With a penchant to drive business results through high-performing teams, Hemant is a seasoned professional with expertise ranging across hotel operations, sales and marketing in both domestic and international markets.


With an invaluable hospitality background and experience behind him, he’s hands-on in handling the travel industry and is truly a leader by example. A passionate believer in the India story, he works relentlessly towards the growth of Indian tourism.

As an influential figure in the hospitality industry, Hemant continues to inspire and lead by example, providing guidance and mentorship to the next generation of hospitality professionals.

A respected thought leader and influencer in the world of hospitality, he enjoys longstanding global relationships, supported by his ace team who shares his passion and unswerving drive to achieve goals.

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F.S.R. Travels

Panache World

K.F.T. Holidays

Mr Ravin Arora
Ms Loveleen Multani Arun
Mr Sanjay Arya

Mr Ravin Arora


Ms Loveleen Multani Arun

Mr Sanjay Arya
Managing Director

XO Private

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Yvan Vermeesch

Owner & Managing Director

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